Collection: Host Your Own Creative Celebration - Party Pack Available!

Looking to unleash your inner artist with friends and family? This all-in-one painting kit is perfect for individual enjoyment, but the fun gets even better when you share it! We offer party packs of 10 kits, providing everything you need to host a vibrant and creative get-together.

Party Pack Savings:

Purchasing a pack of 10 kits allows you to host your own paint party at a discounted price compared to buying individual kits. It's the perfect way to bring a group of friends or family together for an unforgettable and creative experience.

How it Works:

  • Select the pack of 10 kits option when adding this product to your cart.
  • Each kit includes everything you need for one guest, including a pre-printed canvas, six non-toxic acrylic paints, a synthetic fiber brush, and a reference color guide.
  • Plan your party theme, set up your space, and provide some refreshments for a fun and artistic gathering!

Unleash the Creativity - Together!

These pre-printed paint kits are perfect for group activities, allowing each participant to create their own unique masterpiece while following the provided design or using it as inspiration. Get ready for laughs, shared experiences, and beautiful works of art to take home!